Universidad Camilo José Cela

Universidad Camilo José Cela

Responsive Web Design


  1. We simplify the information architecture and the matriculation process.
  2. We improve the findability.
  3. We create a good browsing experience.
  4. We design a more modern and inspirational interface with a disruptive image in front of the rest of universities, putting as reference the great geniuses of each one of the areas of knowledge.
  5. We create a collaborative space for students to generate content through social media modules.

My role:

I collaborated in the research and the development of the wireframes but really my hard work was in define a new communication and art direction and translate it into the interface. This implied a new tone of voice, more fresh and direct, and a more aspirational style of photography and video.

Create a modular design system based on Atomic Design, with a typographic scale, color palette, icon library and other components like buttons, forms, etc. I created different templates for the degree, postgraduate… and achieve a multi-device web that could continue to grow without losing consistency.


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